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Ashis Manna

Watercolor Artist

As an engineer by profession and a painter by passion, my fascinating journey in watercolours has drawn on both influences to evolve. I believe an artist's work lies in identifying the beauty in every form, whether it be a landscape, portrait, floral or other creative experiment. It also becomes a commitment to interpret rather than imitate; my creative process is one of keeping one foot grounded in reality while infusing my art with a sense of impressionism and attention to skillful composition. Watercolour is not only challenging, but rewarding: its endless and subtle possibilities have led me to have an enduring passion for the medium over the years.


My career began in structural engineering in the oil and gas industry after graduating and post-graduating in engineering from IIT Bombay, India. My art has stayed with me throughout the years and across continents; I have lived and worked in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, South East Asia and the UK. 


OGDC Centre, Brunei (2010)

Doha, Qatar (2012)

ARTE Dubai (2015).

Al Ghurair Mall Group Exhibition - IWS UAE (2016)

Artworks selected for:

IWS Nepal 

IWS Albania 

Concours mondiale de l'aquarelle (World Watercolour Competition, France) 

Fabriano Italy (2017 & 2018)

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