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-As posted on Facebook on 12th November 2013

Some nice tips by Alvaro Castagnet....sharing with you guys...cheers !

1 Paint the way you see it and not what you know!
2 Paint like you did when you were a child, full of happiness and freedom. Don't be a robot!
3 Manipulate technique to suit yourself. Instead of painting the object, think about using a dry brushstroke here, a wet on wet brushstroke there, an oblong of red there, a touch of blue here, and so on.
4 Don't have fixed ideas. Be vulnerable to new changes. Creativity happens when you explore the unknown. Put aside your memories.
5 Forget about perfection, because this works against creativity. Having a big ego and trying to be perfect creates mechanical and empty paintings.
6 Always be willing to learn!


​-As posted on Facebook on 22nd October 2012

​"This morning I read these lines which I find quite interesting, basic but important for watercolor they go...
Three things to remember before picking up a brush;

1. Decide the essence of a thing….then explain it with the fewest possible brush strokes. - Edgar Whitney
2. I don’t want it true….instead, I want a beautiful lie. - Edgar Whitney
3. The amateur is afraid of boldness, the professional is afraid of timidity. - Edgar Whitney"


-As posted on Facebook on 16th October 2012

"Joseph Zbukvic says....watercolor will paint itself if you let it to do's a great comment for the watercolorists...sometimes it's satisfying to impart less brush strokes and watch WC beautifully creating the artwork for you.....nice blending between the colors on paper...watercolorits must know when to cease working with brush..I have a strange feeling of connection between watercolor painting and Serenity Prayer...
"God grant me the Serenity
To accept the things I can not change;
Courage to change the things I can; and
Wisdom to know the difference between two...."
Watercolor painting is becoming my life philosophy "



-As posted on Facebook on 25th September 2012

​"Painting is a great way to release human feeling and really helps one to be more in control of oneself....painting paves the way to bring in more positive energy by flushing and purging the extremeties in our's like an ongoing emotional SPA for me...have you already experienced that in your life or are you eager to experience that, please try painting."

-As posted on Facebook on 28th August 2012

"While doing painting in watercolors I have experienced a few things...just to share with all of you...Watercolors help develop self-belief, boldness, honesty and rightly said by Joseph Zbukvic..."Watercolor is the Boss...listen to it" can dictate terms many a times....the medium commands respect from the painters, I believe....and compensates that off with rewarding results"

-As posted on Facebook on 16th August 2012

Hello friends...I happen to find this master watercolor painter (originally from Taiwan; now living in California )...she is just amazing to me in her transparent impressionst techniques....please have a look at her works in the following link"



-As posted on Facebook on 1st August 2012

I found some quotes by Joseph Zbukvic (an Australian watercolorist) quite interesting....hence sharing here....hope you all would also enjoy the same.

Some tips from Australian Water Colorist:

1.Painting precise locations is irrelevant; simply capture the character
2.Connecting shapes is most important, after that come tonal values. Color is last
3. Analyze your subject; see the foreground, background, balance, shapes and tones
4. The master is the piece of paper, the watercolour you are working on at the moment, listen to it; Watercolor is the boss
5. People are seldom still or rigid; they are off-balance in movement and animated.
6. Tone is the king; color is a mere assistant.
7. Watercolor will paint itself; if you let it.
8. Look at the subject; reduce it to a visual language.
9. Look at the values; where is the white, where is the light? How does it relate to the dark background?
10. Indicate, don’t state
11. Let the energy of the original line remain; don’t kill it with paint.



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